We need one last push.

Senate Bill 275 has made the arduous journey through the Senate, and House of Representatives. It has one final stop, the Governor's office.

As a body artist or body art collector, do you want barbers and cosmetologists to continue to oversee tattooing or those who practice it?
Their art is different, they cut hair and nails. Tattoo artists cut flesh. We need those who practice the craft of tattooing to be in charge of its proper regulations.
The solution is SB 275. Call 505-476-2200 and make your opinion heard.

Please make the call and fill out the form here. Put in the comments "I support SB 275"


Definitely more then meets the eye!

Mission Statement

We strive to participate and contribute to our community in a positive manner. No bars, no parties, no drama, just plain simple dedication to those issues that matter. Our goal is a simple one; be a unified group that focus on the core that this organization was founded on. We are here to give of ourselves to those that need it most; the children, the less fortunate, and those that are in dangerous situations.


What some people have to say about us.

  • "Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to help with this critical fundraiser.  It is because of support like yours, that we are able to execute a successful event like this in order to raise funds for New Mexico's sick and injured children.

    With your help, we raised over $301,000 from 1,702 donors. All money raised stays in New Mexico to help fund programs and state-of-the-art equipment for our special children.

    Thank you again for caring about our KIDS.  You are truly a special person and we couldn’t do it without your generosity!!!"

     -The Children's Miracle Network Radiothon to benefit University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital

  • "I love the Duke City Darlins -- strong women, covered in tattoos whose mission is to challenge the stigma of tattooed, modified women by giving back through community service, sharing their talents & making the biggest difference mustered up by 40 powerful women! Thanks DCDarlins for what you do and how you do it!!"-Dina Maayan PB&J Family Services
  • "You guys freakin' ROCK!!!" -Swami Rob, 94Rock
  • "You are all very beautiful and I admire your efforts to give back New Mexico good work Darlins."- Yvette Todea
  • "I love the Darlins!!!!"- Dan Garduno, Garduno Glass
  • "You ladies are amazing, your beauty comes from the inside...I truly admire your generosity to the community...Beautiful inside and out!!"- Jean Johnson Malarky's
  • "You are the best. We could not have dreamed up better angels to work with!"- Dina Maayan PB&J Services
  • "These extraordinary ladies embody the heart of Albuquerque. They take pride in serving the community and serve as positive role models. The Darlins are ladies who say what they mean and mean what they say, dedication at its finest!"-Lisa Maria Forte, Rock the Ink
  • "The Amazing Duke City Darlins" -Bruce Campbell
  • "Just wanted to say you guys Rock for all you do God Bless and Thanks"-John Sandoval Just Lazarus